My First Experience – Fixing Cycle Puncture

Fixing Bicycle Puncture

This monsoon has been on and off for cycling with a little irregular schedule for rides even during the weekends. Blame it on my lethargy but I was postponing the rides. It was mostly on account of the flat tire on certain occasions while procrastinating on account of rains for the remaining ones. In this blog article, I am sharing my first...

A 200 km Night BRM – Half Hearted Attempt That Failed

Night BRM

In my attempt to try for the first 200 km brevet on 15th April 2017, a night BRM, I tried to do a recce but on the ride to the first-century ride to Lonavala, I got retired hurt. I ignored the low signals of pressure on the lumbar nerve roots the previous day. On the ride, next day with more time spent on the saddle the pressure on the sciatic...

ABC of a Bicycle

Glossary of Cycling Terminologies In this blog post, I have made an attempt to define and describe the ‘Glossary of Cycling Terminologies’. They may be especially relevant to any cyclist especially from a beginners perspective. Hope these would be helpful for budding cycle enthusiast there. ABC of Bicycle

First Century Ride on Hybrid – Part 2

first century ride

Ride to Lonavala is a concluding post on my first century ride. Post ride to Kapurhol, I decided for a rehearsal ride to Lonavala which is around 120 km from my place to and fro and I planned it for a Sunday on 9th April 2017. After effects of Swimming Class Around the same time, I also got enrolled for swimming classes around 2nd April at...

First Century Ride on Hybrid – Part 1

first century ride

The first century ride is special for any cyclist. Especially, for a recreational rider and I am sure everyone out there in the cycling fraternity would completely agree with me. Each personal records are unique and close to the heart. Whenever an individual goes after milestones that get set by self under distinguished circumstances, some...

Gear Ratios in Bicycle

Gear Ratios

I described derailleur gears system during an animated interaction with my son, in my earlier post “understanding gears and its operations”. In this post today, I have made an attempt to briefly touch upon Gear Ratios in Bicycle, again from a novice perspective. Summary of Derailleur Mechanism Just to summarize, in a typical derailleur gear...

Ghorwadeshwar Bike and Hike

Ghorwadeshwar Hike and Bike

Trekking any hill even for fun or leisure was never on agenda. I haven’t  been a keen fan of climbing the hills either. But now with a recent penchant for cycling, the bike, and hike event, it was a half yes. Ghorwadeshwar Hike and Bike event organized by ICC is my first such event which further inspired me to stay fit. About Ghorwadeshwar...

Cycling Apps and Audax India

Cycling Apps and Audax India

It was Tuesday of the following week after I accomplished 80+ km ride. I was late on my weekday ride and started around 7:25 am a little late than normal. When I got down the building and was about to start I saw Kaustubh with his hybrid in the basement parking slot tweaking on his mobile handset and was about to start his ride too. Later I...

My First 80+ km Cycle Ride

Panshet Dam Visit

As a new member of ICC (Indo Cyclist Club) Pune, I find it’s WhatsApp group pretty active. It is inspiring as each member keeps sharing their daily cycling, running and swimming updates at regular intervals. In a true sense, it drives and encourages each other for that extra mile. Based on one such inspirational anecdotes I decided on to for...