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My Tryst with Randonneuring – Kaustubh Nadgir

Super Randonneur Kaustubh nadgir 2

. Born and brought up in Pune I still remember the childhood days when the cycle was the most common means of transport. It was the most preferred mode for us to go to school, classes and any other places in the city. When my wife gifted me a cycle on my 39th birthday, I got back on the saddle after 20 years but the love for riding came back...

Cycling in the Malwa Plateau – Sam Pal

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. The Malwa Plateau is beautiful countryside of hills formed from volcanic activity. A dense teak forest with active wildlife and a simple down to earth populace makes it a wonderful place for outdoor activities. The Malwa plateau is spread from over portions of western Madhya Pradesh to Southern Rajasthan. The region is irrigated by the third...

Why I Took Up Cycling – Niranjan Karhade

Niranjan Karhade

  Reasons To Take Up Cycling During my childhood days, like any other kid, I was attracted towards a bicycle. I still remember the day when I first rode the cycle. Those were the days when the training wheels were a luxury. My father ran behind me, holding my seat as I struggled to keep a balance while pedaling. I enjoyed the every moment of...