A warm welcome to pedalsaddle.com.

I take immense pleasure in greeting you for visiting my blog site.

On this blog, I plan to share my encounters with cycling, how and why I re-started and took up cycling around 40+ of age and why I now relish riding bicycle more than any other activity or sport and much more. The objective is to express my views, opinions, learning and takeaways that may see me grow as an individual and also as a keen cycle enthusiast. I also want to share my plans and attempts to overcome fears ingrained inside me, meet challenges head on and how I intend to break the mental blocks.

It’s all about traversing upon the innumerable rides that would enable me to push my physical self with little suffering and some bearable pain and then to come out as a different person at the end of each ride, every time.

It’s more about private victories than public.

It is also about taking up the unplanned destinations and unexplored landscapes along the countryside surroundings that we often miss to observe and acknowledge it otherwise.

I am sure anyone who have spent more than 250 hours of cycling or successfully completed at least 5000 km of ride has a story to tell on how and why one has taken up cycling and why it is special for them.

Well, my journey of storytelling has just begun.

Hope you enjoy reading my rendezvous with cycling. Stay tuned for the bimonthly posts.

And yes, please do consider taking up pedal on saddle, if not yet started.

Happy Cycling!!!
Anand Kumbhare

Self Anand Kumbhare

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